Senior Distributed Systems Engineer - Lausanne

Reference : 327



  • Design stuff with a team of creative people.
  • Build prototypes of what you design on a whiteboard.
  • Help to turn some of what you prototype into mature software solutions by working to transitioning ownership to product and ops teams.
  • Create something that performs a major social good, helping those who may currently lack identify, be unbanked, or have limited access to the internet 
  • Collaborate with open source communities and standards bodies..


  • You have relevant coding skills and coding skills gained via formal education, and/or demonstrated experience building large scale resilient distributed systems, including systems that emphasize the edge, incorporating IoT devices, smart cards, mesh networking, NFC, RFID and other technologies that work offline 
  • You have experience with elastic systems, and deep understanding of network and gossip protocols, consensus algorithms, high resilience, data consistency and availability at scale.
  • Also, you have experience in the domains of identity and/or currency and/or payments or banking, working closely with cryptographers and backend engineers, both at company and global community levels.
  • You are a creative self-starter who is not stymied by ambiguity.
  • You are a good communicator — talking/presenting/writing and listening.
  • You are comfortable to work in a fuzzy problem space, and enjoy translating initial experiments into requirements, and map to system view.
  • You have a positive, can-do attitude, you bring new ideas and you are a fast learner
  • You’re fluent in English (French is an asset).